WATER RESCUE Serum Treatment Wrap
WATER RESCUE Serum Treatment Wrap
WATER RESCUE Serum Treatment Wrap
WATER RESCUE Serum Treatment Wrap

WATER RESCUE Serum Treatment Wrap

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Now time-poor doesn’t mean poor skin.

Boost your stressed, irritated skin with a quenching serum treatment wrap. Our wraps are created using ‘wet-wrap therapy’ - a technique used by dermatologist to soothe and relieve inflamed skin. Each wrap is made with soft, luxurious Japanese silk, soaked in 30ml of healing plant cells and hydrating serum. You’ll be more dewy, calm and glowing in one use.

Take your skin from stressed to glowing in one mask.

Specialised treatment for Sensitive Faces:

- Contains powerful anti-inflammatory properties that helps to relief your skin from discomfort and sensitivity and reduce visible redness and irritation.
- Advanced skinscience technology: We stay up to date, and use, the latest advances in skincare.
- No animal testing: We believe in keeping products cruelty free.
- Stem cell extracts from plants: Chosen for their repairing and anti-inflammatory properties.
- Dermatologist technique: ‘Wet-wrap therapy’ instantly soothes and calms inflamed skin.
- Convenient: Simple and easy to use for quick relief, wherever you are.
- Quick: Fits into your busy day as a moment of self-care.
- 30 ml of serum: The average sheet mask has 10-20 ml.

Unwrap. Apply. Relax.

Step 1: Apply. Your face will be soothed immediately. Our handpicked ingredients will begin to hydrate your face, moisturising and repairing your skin.

Step 2: Relax, vacuum, read, work… While the mask reduces inflammation and redness, strengthens skin cells and plumps your face, you can do whatever you need to do.

Step 3: Enjoy the dewy glow of your now stress-free skin.

Chosen by us. Loved by your skin.

Crithmum Maritimum callus culture filtrate. Aka the cells found at the root of plants, responsible for the plant’s growth. These are powerful multi-taskers, reducing inflammation, increasing wound healing times and skin renewal.

Hyaluronic acid. This is the cosmetic chemistry’s most powerful moisturising agent. It draws in moisture from the air and soaks it into your skin.

Pulsatilla koreana extract. Derived from a native Korean flower, this ingredient is anti-inflammatory, perfect for inflamed faces.

Portulaca oleracea extract. This baby is also anti-inflammatory and is great at repairing cellular damage, which decreases the appearance of scars and wrinkles. It is extracted from succulents and a lot friendlier to skin than its spiky origin.


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